Saturday, February 20, 2010

And now Johnny Damon is another Tiger who cheated on his wife…

Johnny Damon signed with Detroit… and the Giants blew having an offensive catalyst at the top of their order. I hope Aubrey Huff has a great year in Black and Orange!

I told my wife about the title of this post. She didn’t approve.

Now of course Damon did indeed cheat on his first wife (and gleefully claimed he did so while his wife was in labor!) but still my darling wife objected.

“It’s beneath you.” She claimed.

“Why is it beneath me?” I asked.

“It’s Sully Baseball, not Sexy Baseball. You are supposed to write about the players, not the PLAYAS!”

So let it be known that this particular Sully Baseball post is under protest by my adoring wife. (And also let it be known I was perfectly faithful when she was in labor!)

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  1. Who else cheated and when? Or do you have any good catty comments about stirrups? Come on, Sully. Your wife is wrong. We want sports-related gossip, not actual baseball columns!

  2. Is that article that you link your blog posting to really true? I couldn't find anything else online backing it up. It has a little disclaimer on the bottom stating that it's a satire, not sure how credible this is...if it is indeed true, Damon's disgusting!

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    it's a fake story...just bad journalism.

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