Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy birthday to two friends and potential rivals

As I have written before, I have twin boys. I had hoped to raise two Red Sox fans, but living on the West Coast has conspired against me.

With absolutely no prompting on my part, my boy Matty declared himself a Dodger fan. And I must say looks good in Dodger blue.

My other boy Aidan, the one who made so many correct picks last October, has aligned himself with his grandfather and become a Giants fan. And the Orange and Black look good on him!

I hope this continues... the thought of twin brothers rooting for arch rivals is too delicious to pass up. (Especially as I can watch as an impartial Red Sox fan.)

When I mentioned my boys at the end of Reverse the Curse of the Bambino, they weren't even born.

Today amazingly they are 5 years old. And I have always claimed that you truly start following the ins and outs of a pro team when you reach 7.

We'll see in 2 years if they remain Dodgers and Giants fans.

Happy birthday buddies... your daddy loves you and can't wait to take you to many many ballgames.

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  1. This is a parenting issue. I'd have sooner let my son pick his own religion than let him choose his own favorite team. I suppose that raising him to be an Indians and a Browns fan could lead to my being charged with child abuse. Kid didn't have much of an option since his mom is a Reds and Bengals fan.

  2. Well as an atheist raising his children in a secular home... it is safe to say that I have more problems with him picking a religion!

    Hey, they are not Yankee fans

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