Thursday, August 05, 2010

Doesn't it seem like Dice-K has more than 3 losses?

I have never seen a stranger year for a starting pitcher than Daisuke Matsuzaka this year. There are times he looks terrific and other times he looks like he could be the worst signing in baseball history.

And there have been so many games that I have just felt my shoulders sink on the mound this year that I was startled to see that he only has 3 losses this year.

He MUST have more losses than that!

But alas he doesn't.

Remember when I did that insane exercise of removing 10% of his innings and see how he is doing 90% of the time?

Well he threw great again tonight... and I was going to try and figure out what his stats were with 10% of his bad innings eliminated, but I'm not going to lie to you. I'm too tired to do it.

This odd Red Sox year continues... and I am not including this on the tally. I don't care that it turned into a save situation tonight. I was never nervous after the Beltre slam.

Dice-K has a respectable 8-3 record and a sub 4.00 ERA. When all is said and done it will look like he had a solid season.

Maybe he IS having one.

But it sure is a strange one.

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