Sunday, August 08, 2010

Someone will say Brandon Morrow's game was a bad one, I'm sure

The Blue Jays Brandon Morrow just completed his against the Blue Jays.

His line was pretty amazing.

9 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 17 strikeouts, a complete game shutout and a complete of a sweep.

And he did it against the second best team in baseball (but evidently the easiest team to no hit in baseball). And it was a pressure packed 1-0 game to boot.

But with all the new ways to measure stats and a pitchers effectiveness, I am sure there is some blogger out there who will write about how bad this game was.

There will be some measurement that I've never heard of that will be flung and me to show that this game was actually a poor start.

"He nearly threw a no hitter!"
"Yeah but did you check his "NOBOGH" percentage?"
"His WHAT?"
"His Number Of Bounces Of Grounders Hit percentage. The more bounces a ground ball takes, the more likely the ball will be picked up. His grounders have a low NOBOGH, which is bad."

Think I am joking? When Edwin Jackson threw his labored no hitter earlier this year (against the Rays) I heard people call in to shows and write on their blogs "Was it even an effect start?"

Um... He threw 9 innings, let up no runs and no hits.

So YES!!!
I don't care how many ways you bend the stats and how much origami you do with the numbers... throwing 9 innings, giving up 0 runs and 0 hits and getting a 1-0 victory IS A GOOD START!

Maybe it isn't a glamorous perfect game, but shouldn't he get CREDIT for working out of tense jams?

So prepare yourself for the craziness.
There will be someone out there shaking their head at any adulation of Morrow's performance.

We'll be looking at the runs, the hits and the results... yet someone will be counting the bounces and saying "Tsk tsk tsk... too many."

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  1. I am sure that is Bill James Computer program will be saying.

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    The people who do say such things are just a bunch of nobodys who have nothing better to write on their blogs.

  3. Psatact941:09 AM

    I agree with you about Morrow's no-hitter, but I disagree with respect to Jackson's no-hitter. The advantage of a perfect game is that you can't just "pass" on tough hitters or when you get into hitter's counts, you have to come in with your best. Jackson walked eight and hit another batter, that's 9 baserunners for a WHIP of 1.00 (very good, but far from perfect.) Morrow's today was 0.33 (certainly much better.)

  4. He's no Brandon League! .... good job, Mariners.