Monday, August 02, 2010

Yes Buck... Angelos is still the owner

Suddenly Buck doesn't look so happy about the new gig.

He had a nice cushy TV gig and now he is taking the baseball gig that can be best be compared to coaching the Oakland Raiders.

The gig used to mean pride and championships.

Now it is a joke being played out in front of empty seats, pissed off fans and an owner who should sell the team out of mercy.

Then again all Buck has to do is lead them to mediocrity and he'll be a hero. Lest we forget the Orioles haven't been a .500 team since the 1997 ALCS. Their incompetency streak is a mere 5 years shorter than their opponents from '71 and '79, the Pirates.

Good luck Buck.

Start by changing back to the smiling bird hat.

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  1. The only thing worse in sports is coaching the Clippers. Although working for Frank McCourt will soon become very painful.

  2. My prediction that the Orioles would be a playoff team in 2011 looks better with the hiring of Showalter!

    Ok, not really.