Saturday, August 07, 2010

You can grind your teeth all you want, John. I won't

I've been keeping up my tally of close wins and agonizing losses for the Red Sox all year... but I am not putting today's game into the "Teeth Grinder" category.

Yes I know the Red Sox were up 2-0.
Yes I know A-Rod was out of the line up.
Yes I know it was a save situation.

Not for one nanosecond did I think the Red Sox were winning today and they didn't. So why would I act frustrated about it?

Sabathia is a better pitcher than Lackey this year, the Yankees were coming off of a loss and if there was any game to write in ink as a Loss for the Sox, it was today.

Now tomorrow, Beckett is pitching against Burnett... and with no A-Rod... OK, now you are talking about a game the Sox can win.

Chalk this one up to "What the hell did you expect?"

The Sox are still too far back in my opinion to be real contenders... but if the Rays continue to lose games where they score 11 runs... who knows?

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