Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's only two ways the Bobby Valentine era can turn out

Well, Bobby V is coming to Boston. I wrote earlier that I was fine with either Valentine or Sandy Alomar Jr. at the helm of the Red Sox.

So I can't complain.
It's a short term solution, but maybe the whole "He was gone but now he's back to prove he can still do it" mentality could work its magic the way that Jack McKeon had in 2003 with the Marlins or Jim Leyland gave the Tigers in 2006.

Or it can be a disaster like Davey Johnson with the Dodgers or Dallas Green with the Mets or Jim Leyland with the Rockies.

The Fried Chicken Crew didn't respond to super classy, totally lovable, two time champion Terry Francona? Well try Bobby V... a man who has been wrong exactly zero times in his life.

Just ask him.

A veteran team with a know it all outsider coming in as manager could be either a brilliant move or it could be a biggest bomb than the last decade of Nicolas Cage films combined.

So the Red Sox are either going back to the World Series or about to crash and burn in a way that will make us nostalgic for September 2o11.

Either way, it won't be boring.

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  1. A friend has predicted that the Red Sox will turn into the Mets, spending Major Market dollars, but continually underperforming. I'm not saying I believe him, but this would certainly constitute another step in that direction.

  2. Becoming?

    Um... haven't they become the most expensive third place team each of the last 2 seasons?

  3. There are times when the fans know more than management. This is one of those times when I wonder if the management knows anything. By October, Sandy Alomar Jr., Sandy Alomar Sr., Torey Lovullo, Willie Randolph or even Don Mattingly may start looking like they would have been better alternatives.