Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mussina might very well be toast

I know I shouldn't be piling on the Yankees... but it's too much fun.
Besides, after years of living in New York as a Red Sox fan, I never remembered much mercy coming from Yankee fans.

So here's another thing to ponder:

Mussina might be toast.
As in this might not be "a bad start."
Or "he's working through some stuff."

It might be over.

He's a 38 year old pitcher. Look at his baseball reference page. The pitchers whose career mirrors Mussina the most usually breakdown in their mid to late 30s. Bob Welch was done by 36. David Cone was done by age 37.

Granted, Welch lived harder than Mussina and it is safe to say Cone wasn't doing a crossword that night in the Shea Stadium Bullpen.

Even Bob Gibson was no longer the ace caliber pitcher by 39, his last year in the bigs.

What I am saying is a 38 year old pitcher with a losing record, only pitched into the 7th once this year (last night when he was shelled), has an ERA of 6.52 and can't keep his team in ballgames might not be going through a slump.

It might be it.
He's had a solid career... a borderline hall of fame career.

But there very well might be yet another hole in the Yankees pitching staff.

However, I will suggest to Joe Torre... LEAVE HIM IN!
Maybe he'll work through it!

I'm enjoying this too much.

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