Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Imagine an all Florida World Series!

If I had told you that the best teams in baseball were in Florida, you would probably have thought it was still spring training.

But nope… 50 games into the season the Marlins are the best team in the NL and 51 games into their schedule, the exorcism of the Devil-less Rays has given them a ½ game lead over the Defending World Champion Boston Red Sox.

It’s early… but it isn’t THAT early!
The teams are roughly 30% through their schedule.
The Rays have to go 40-71 the rest of the way to have the best season in their teams history.

Not exactly an ambitious record.

What if the Rays actually have a winning season? Forget the temptation to see if the moon is dripping blood and Four Horsemen are on the horizon.

A 51-60 record the rest of the way… not even .500 ball… and a once inconceivable sight could be a reality.

As for the Marlins, the need to go 52-60 their remaining 112 games to post their 5th winning season in their history.

If the Marlins go 60-52 the rest of the way, they’ll win 90 games… which in this National League would probably mean a spot in the playoffs.

And who knows? This Marlins franchise has never lost a playoff series!
How would long suffering Cubs, Indians and Giants fans react if the Marlins won their THIRD World Series since 1997?

This should be the feel good story in sports!
Remember how everyone always bitches and moans about how the biggest payroll teams are the only ones who can compete?

Well guess what? It’s Memorial Day and the two best teams in baseball have the two lowest payrolls!

Also guess what?
The teams with the 3 highest payrolls have losing records! (Have fun Yankee, Tiger and Met fans!)

So everyone in baseball is going nuts for this story, right?
Fans in Miami and the Gulf Coast of Florida are in a frenzy, right?

Nobody seems to care.

And if you thought TBS had a hard time selling the Rockies/D’Backs NLCS last year, imagine them gulping at the prospect of a Tampa Bay/Florida World Series.

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s early.
But guess what?
Going into May 27 of last year… 3 of the 4 eventual playoff teams were in first place.

Then again NONE of the NL teams that made the 2007 post season were in first or the wild card spot at this point last year… so maybe it IS early.

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