Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's the season, Marlins

It was a nice surprising season, Florida.
But it's over.

I got to meet some passionate Marlins fans this year... like Henry Gomez of Fish or Cut Bait, South Florida Fan and Bright Orange Seats...

But you can't lose games to the Giants, you can't keep blowing leads and you can't let up 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth and expect to stay in the race.

You've got 30 games left. If you split those games 15-15, you'll finish the season above .500 with by far the lowest payroll. You'd still be a great story...

But any dreams of post season glory went away along with your 3 run 9th inning lead tonight.

Maybe Marlin fans can take solace with their multiple World Series titles since their expansion in 1993.

I know Cubs and Indians fans would take comfort with that

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