Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeff Gross joins The Sully Baseball show to discuss Yoenis Cespedes

HardBall Times writer Jeff Gross talk about Yoenis Cespedes and his strange signing with the A's (and his need for a nickname.)

Then later we got into an argument!
It's good listening on The Sully Baseball Show.

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  1. Hey Sully, awesome blog! I just started one but I don't really care if you go there yet. What I really wanted to show you was our list of the "Top 10 Baseball Gurus Of All Time". It's on a lens at Squidoo, We worked really hard on it and want as many baseball people to see it as possible. I've linked to your blog, I love it. Keep up the good work!

  2. first of all thank you so much for providing that link of the Sully baseball show, I will go check it out right away and second of all, I liked this post a lot, keep it up!