Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yup... it's real, Cardinal fans

He's an Angel.
Albert Pujols belongs to another team.

For some reason it just seems real when spring training starts, more so than any press conference.

It looks odd.
I remember when Pedro left the Red Sox for the Mets, I never quite accepted it until I saw him in Spring Training.

I can't imagine what a 15 year old Cardinal fan who probably has no memory of a St. Louis team WITHOUT Albert must be feeling.

Take the solace that I had when I saw Pedro wearing an odd uniform:

The last time he played for MY team, he was winning a World Championship. (Both in St. Louis!)

And three seasons later, a Pedro-less Red Sox team won ANOTHER title.

So yeah, it sucks. But it isn't the end.

I covered that in my video.

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  1. When will players realize that spending their career with one team significantly increases their chances of becoming a HOFer. Besides being a fan favorite, winning a pennant, this should be a players next goal in life...

  2. 11 years of Hall of Fame caliber seasons...
    Not shabbby

    Leaving the Cardinals a World Champion and destined to have his "breaking down shell of his former self" seasons in Anaheim...

    PERFECT for St. Louis

    Playing for multiple teams won't hurt his chances

  3. pagagos7:52 PM

    This Cardinal fan is much more concerned about Molina joining Pujols after this year. Yikes!

  4. Cardinal fans got 3 pennants and 2 titles with Pujols and Molina. You are better off starting young and having another pennant winner by 2013 or 2014. Do you REALLY think Albert Pujols would resemble an elite player in 6 years? Let alone 10!

  5. well I did not know much about Albert Pujols a couple of years ago, but I started to hear his name a lot and now he is one of my favorites