Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wondering where some of my anonymous critics are now

I was reading through some old posts of mine and I checked out the Mets Home Grown vs. Acquired entry I did back in December of 2008.

For whatever reason it is my most read post ever. And had the most spirited debate in the comments section.

And I noticed something interesting. I pointed out that I felt that Billy Wagner's injury caused the Mets to overpay for Frankie Rodriguez and J. J. Putz.

And I was consistent in that analysis because I felt buyers should beware of K-Rod and I felt Putz was nothing special. Evidently not everyone agreed with me.

Well let's just say I got some nasty e mails and some anonymous posts from angry Met fans.

My favorite ones:

Anonymous said...

overpay for rodriguez and putz>, you really are red sox fan cause you have no clue what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

you have to be a putz to say they over payed for putz, and k-rod for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Now, my basic Mets' prayer has been answered: we picked up KRod and JJ,

I can't help but wonder where those critics are now.

How do you like K-Rod beating up the elderly?
Or Putz pitching so badly that the Mets gave up on him after a year.

I wonder if I still don't know what I am talking about... being a Red Sox fan and all.

Ah well... enough gloating.

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  1. Psatact942:19 PM

    Haha! Oh Sully! Good call, as usual.

  2. Sounds like you pissed off WFAN nation. God help you if you start talking NY Jets.