Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Smiling Oriole hat video on TBS sounded familiar

Did anyone else catch on TBS's post game after the A's beat the Tigers a video they ran?

I did.
The great Hank Azaria was playing a blustery sports guy and he was trying to come up with why the Orioles were having a great season.

None of the normal things made sense.
So he came to the conclusion that it was because of the smiling bird caps.

He made the point that when they wore the hats before, they won a lot of titles.
Then they switched to a boring sideways bird that was biologically correct but dull.

And now they switched back to the cool smiling bird and they are winning again.

Sound familiar?

It sure sounded a Sully Baseball video made back in December of 2011.

Like almost exactly, beat for beat.

 Now I am not saying anyone at TBS were one of the few thousands of people who say the video and decided to swipe some of the ideas. Maybe someone saw it, forgot where they got the idea from.

I'm not mad.

But let me make you a suggestion, good folks at TBS.
If that's the kind of humor you are seeking, just hire me.

Seriously, I'd be happy to make the videos, write the blogposts etc under the TBS umbrella.

Even if you did base tonight's sketch on the video, let's work together.

Trust me, I have even better ideas up my sleeve.

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  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    dont worry no one sees your blog

  2. Thank you Anonymous

  3. Edie@stanford.edu8:59 PM

    That's a total rip-off. I hope you have your wonderfully thoughtful and entertaining videos patented or licensed. They are a treasure-trove that MLB is overlooking but up for theft by pirates, and not necessarily from Pittsburgh.
    a lifelong fan

  4. @Anonymous: shut up loser. Get a life.
    @Sully yes it hurts man they were pretending to be original when you had made a similar video months ago. Send them an email so they officially notice you, a friendly one maybe they consider hiring you. Keep up the good work I read every single one of your articles

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