Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jeff Francis got away from the Yankees too?

Hey Jeff Francis... congrats on the new contract with the Royals...but...
You DO know that the Yankees current starting rotation goes as follows:

Terrific ace in CC Sabathia.
Guy who had a good first half and a shaky second half in Phil Hughes.
A super talented guy who is slowly turning into Crispin Glover in A. J. Burnett.
A nice arm who could very well be another overrated Yankee prospect in Ivan Nova.

And evidently the 16th caller on WFAN.

There is at least 1 or maybe as many as 4 holes in the Yankee rotation.
And as we now enter mid January (and soon after that February) it is looking more and more like Andy Pettitte will be sitting on his porch, whittling, this season.

Before signing onto a rebuilding project keep in mind four things going in your favor.

1) The Yankees are desperate for starting pitching.
2) You are a starting pitcher.
3) You throw with your left hand.
4) You have a pulse.

I am assuming the fourth one is true.

But that is a combination that should bring about the expression "CHA-CHING!"

Did you REALLY exhaust any conversations you had with the Yankees?
Yeah you are going to make $2 million his year and that is $2 million more than a lot of us will make this year.

But man alive you could have squeezed a few million more.
Oh, did Cashman say "No way"?

You fool. He would have reversed himself a week later. It is his M.O. these days!

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