Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I think it is time for Mike Timlin to hang them up

Let me just say right off the bat... I love Mike Timlin. I've been a Mike Timlin fan since he was a Blue Jays and lived my childhood dream of being an unknown reliever coming out of the pen in extra innings to clinch the World Series.

I used to do that on my front lawn in Weston Massachusetts.
Mike did that in Atlanta to close out the 1992 World Series.

He has 4 World Series rings (2 with Toronto and 2 with the Red Sox)

He pitched well in the 2003 playoffs and rotted in the bullpen while Grady fiddled and Pedro's arm died.

He was one of the pitchers who contributed to the 8 shutout relief innings in game 5 of the 2004 ALCS.

He's been a great Red Sox reliever and evidently a good guy.

This is his 18th big league season and he has played in the post season for 10 of his first 17 years.

But it looks like it is over.
He got clubbed his first two games and tonight gave the Yankees breathing room where they could rest Mariano.

Yeah he got the win in Cleveland the other night, but when a 42 year old pitcher comes out of the gate with a 27.00 ERA in 4 appearances, it's time to look to Pawtucket.

They gave Kyle Snyder the boot and he's 12 years younger than Timlin.

Middle relief might be the Achilles heel of this team... and it's no time to be loyal.

Mike, I love you. I love all members of the 2004 squad.
You lived out my specific childhood fantasy... but I think it is time to get him a gold watch and make him the pitching coach at Lowell.

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  1. deluca12:13 PM

    this post was obviously not written by Jason Giambi.