Sunday, April 13, 2008

Since we're talking Marlins baseball (when was the last time you said THAT?)

Saturday's loss not withstanding, the Marlins are off to a solid start... and with both Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis hurting for the Tigers, MAN they look smart for making that trade!

While looking up Marlins fan sites for my last posting, I came across someone who had some good common sense.

Henry Gomez posts a Marlins blog called Fish or Cut Bait.

His post on April 11th about what he believes owner Jeffrey Loiria's motives are, the current business of baseball and the realistic expectations of a low revenue team should be was one of the best and to the point pieces of analysis I could imagine on the subject.

It is worth a read.

My favorite part of the post was this hypothetical question...

"Let me put this another way. If I were omnipotent and could offer you as a fan these two alternatives which would you take?

A. Win a World Championship and keep the team together for 5 years with diminishing chances to win another one each year


B. Win a World Championship and dismantle the team immediately with the idea that in 5 years it would be competitive again with the likelihood of winning increasing toward the tail end."

In many ways that is the ultimate question for a fan.
Just today I was telling my wife that I really wanted the Red Sox to keep the whole 2004 team together... even if it meant overpaying for Pedro Martinez, Johnny Damon, Orlando Cabrera and not dealing Dave Roberts.

And she responded by nodding politely while not looking up from her magazine.

And it turned out I was dead wrong.
Letting them go gave the Sox the draft picks to get Ellsbury and Buccholz and the money to acquire Beckett, Lowell and Dice-K.

Instead of a 2004 reunion tour, we got another World Series parade.

And this profound question is one to ask each fanbase.
Would you rather have stability or a legit chance to win a World Series every 5 to 7 years?

What I am saying is the Marlins should sign Henry Gomez and make him their spokesman.

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