Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hey Met fans... you got K-Rod... DUCK!

The Mets need a closer... and they signed the guy who saved more games in a single season than anyone else.

Francisco Rodriguez is going to the Mets according to the Times.

Great move, right?
Those games lost down the stretch will be saved, right?

Ohhh boy.

I wrote about the reasons to be wary of him... so there's no reason to rehash all of it.

But throwing him into Queens where they desperately need a winner is almost as awful as saying "The Mets are happy to bring back Armando Benitez."

Harsh you say?
Look at his post season record folks...
You can get away with that in Disneyland.

The only Rolaids in Queens this season won't be for the relief award... it will be the packs swallowed by Met fans who will be wondering "Is Johnny Franco still available?"

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