Sunday, September 06, 2009

2 games... an insurmountable lead

I thought this season couldn't get more predictable for the Giants... and lo and behold we have THIS game.

Sanchez strikes out 9 batters in 6 innings, letting up 1 run.
The Giants pitching lets up 1 run over 11 innings... and of course that is one run too many.

How can a team like the Giants be expected to score TWO runs over 11 innings?

There are too many rallies to kill.

And of course nobody killed them like my dad's favorite whipping boy, Aaron Rowand.

The Giants have had their share of rally killing double plays... but leave it Rowand to raise the bar and hit into a TRIPLE play!

When I came back to my parents house this afternoon after lunch, I saw the game was still on. It was 1-1 in the 12th inning. But my dad wasn't watching the game.

He was outside playing with his grandkids, my kids.

I saw Prince Fielder hit a walk off... but I couldn't tell me dad. He was having too much fun.

Later we discussed the series. The Giants won the series even with today's loss and trail Colorado by only 2 games.

"They are done. The season is over" my dad declared.

There is NO WAY the Giants can make up 2 games in 4 weeks!

Man, could you imagine the Giants record if their hitting ever rose above the level of "Jaw Dropping Incompetence!"?

Come on Giants! A fan who witnessed the 1951 miracle at Coogan's Bluff thinks it is impossible to make up 1 game every other week!

Prove him wrong!

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  1. Sure the offense is bad, but this team is coming off a 72 win season and will end up with a winning record with this offense, so they hit enough to win some games. If they dont make the playoffs it will be sad but then again if you told any giants fan that they would still be in it at this point before the season started they would probably think you were on drugs.