Sunday, September 06, 2009

This Brad Lidge Thing Is Getting To Be Grotesque

Another day and another blown save for Brad Lidge.

I am always a little grateful when he blows a save because that means inevitably someone will read my Devil and Brad Lidge post... but this is now officially insane.

He now has 10 blown saves... and an 0-7 record.

His ERA is 7.15... and when I wrote the Devil and Brad Lidge post in early June it was 7.27.


Consistently terrible!

The Phillies are in no danger of blowing this lead. They are going to win their third straight division crown.

But as certain as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow, I am equally certain that if Brad Lidge pitches in the post season he will blow a game.

I don't want to hear "He's the only one with experience" or "He needs to build his confidence."

To hell with his confidence. The Phillies have a World Series title to defend and they are better off handing the ball to the Phillie Phanatic to close games at this point.

At least the Phanatic would do a funny fall when he loses the game!

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