Saturday, May 08, 2010

Didn't I tell you the A's/Rays series was worth watching?

It may not have the marquee value of a Red Sox/Yankees series... but unlike the monstrosity going on in Boston, the series in Oakland at least has some decent baseball.

David Price pitched into the 8th on Friday night's game for the win, but not before the Rays had to wiggle out of a bases loaded jam in the 8th and work around an Evan Longoria error.

And today Ben Sheets pitched the way Oakland hoped he would. The A's got the win but not before they worked around a blown umpire's call on a Rays double (it was foul but called fair) and Jerry Blevins got a clutch strikeout to end a Tampa threat.

Driving around today, I found myself not listening to New York/Boston but rather to Oakland/Tampa Bay.

If it was indeed a playoff preview, it would make a hell of a more exciting October than watching the Yanks beat up the artists formerly known as the Red Sox.

I'm just glad a big crowd showed up in Oakland to see the A's play.

Oh wait...

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  1. Sully, for the A's, that's a good draw. They drew 8,000 and change the other night, lowest since 2003.
    I've been going to A's games since my first in 1972. The current ownership is trying to get a new ballpark built so he feels the lower attendance helps his cause.
    When I was a kid, Finley used to "close" the upper deck during the week so as to not have to pay ushers to be up there and also, force the fans to pay an extra buck or two to sit on the lower decks. But to cover up the entire top deck is idiotic. Boston or NY used to be SRO, including the top deck and the Mt Davis centerfield seats but not anymore...What I really don't like about the top deck being covered, was that schools used to fill up the upper sections with future A's they don't get to see the games that the kids of the 90's used to..

  2. Well after today's perfect game, I agree this was a good series to watch. According to, only 12,228 there to see the game.