Friday, May 07, 2010

There is a playoff preview this weekend... and it isn't in Fenway

Today there is a game between First Place American League teams. Technically it is an "If the Playoffs Started Today" match up.

One team has the best record in baseball and the other has had a surprising run to tie for the division lead.

And I am NOT talking about the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Oakland, who is tied with Texas for the top of the AL West (and might stay up there if the Angels and the Mariners keep collapsing) is hosting the Tampa Bay Rays, who at 21-7 has the best record in the game.

This should be an exciting and talked about game... and if ANY of the games draws 20,000 I'll be stunned.

Come on fans! You are sick of everything being Red Sox/Yankees? Then pay attention when there IS a good match up.

Let's go A's fans. This is a year you can steal the division and a team that is LOADED with exciting young talent is coming to town.

This could be a huge test for the A's right after winning the series against Texas.

Let's see at least 20,000 there tonight. Tickets are cheap.
You could be a Cubs or Mets fans and paying premium prices for a subpar product.

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