Friday, May 07, 2010

Good For Milton Bradley

I've crapped a lot on Milton Bradley over the years on this blog.

I've crapped on him as a member of the Padres...
I've crapped on him as a member of the Cubs...
I've crapped on him as a member of the Mariners...

I've crapped on his lack of trade value...
I've crapped on his crazy temper...
I've crapped on his getting thrown out of spring training games...

He is a super talented guy who wears out his welcome wherever he goes before he unpacks.
He is nuts and possibly unstable.

And I was just sitting back, waiting for the inevitable implosion that was going to happen in Seattle.

SEATTLE! The most remote team in baseball whose media crush is almost nonexistent.
And it was getting to be too stressful for him. Maybe it wasn't the Cubs fault after all.

But after being benched from a game the other day and leaving the ballpark... Milton did in Seattle what he DIDN'T do in Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas and Chicago:

He sought help.

It clearly isn't an issue about the media because he has played in some of the most anonymous markets in all of baseball.

It clearly isn't about the money. He is a millionaire many times over.

It isn't about not getting another chance. He has gotten more chances in his career after flopping than Colin Farrell.

There's clearly something wrong... with HIM.
And he's asking for help.
And he's getting it.

And who knows? Maybe he'll figure out what the heck is wrong with him.

Now that doesn't excuse him from quitting on his team... and it certainly doesn't absolve him from his dreadful play (and it might behoove the Mariners to eventually designate him for assignment.)

But what if he figures out what is ailing him... and then harnesses his talent without the anger?

He's clearly needed help all along.

So I won't crap on him when he finally asks for it.

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  1. I am so hoping he can get the Help he needs, I give him credit for coming forward and asking, I never expected it.