Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I expect a Cinco De Mayo celebration in Oakland this afternoon!

I'm serious, A's fans... I want to see some embracing of this team.

They are playing the Rangers this afternoon. Do you know what happens if the A's win?

If Trevor Cahill and his sparkling 10.80 ERA beat the Rangers, Oakland would be one game over .500.

And they would also be in first place all by themselves.
They could look at Cinco De Mayo as the day they moved in all by their lonesome. Yeah, they got off to a fast start in April... but this is first place in May.

And the Angels are scuffling... and the Mariners can't hit... and once it heats up the Rangers won't be able to pitch.

Suddenly the A.L. West is potentially winnable for a young and too dumb to know differently team like the A's!

Maybe my enthusiastic A's prediction was a year early!

I am not expecting a big crowd in Oakland tomorrow... just a festive one. I want good solid A's fans who want to celebrate their team possibly moving into first place by themselves. And if the A's do win, I want the fans to look around and take stock at which of their fellow A's devotees were there on Cinco De Mayo... before the playoff bandwagon got crowded.

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  1. I appreciate your recent blogs about the A's... what are your thoughts on where the new stadium should be... territorial rights, and all that? I would prefer a new stadium near Jack London Square myself.