Friday, September 10, 2010

Burnt to a Coco Crisp

Our old friend Coco Crisp did us in tonight.

Going 3 for 3 and stealing a homer?
How could you Coco?
Don't you have any sentimentality?

The Sox were done early tonight and the people of Alderaan put up more of a fight than my boys did.

And Trevor Cahill moved closer to 20 wins as Clay Buchholz stays stuck on 15.

Cahill will probably start 4 more times in the A's final 22 games this year. If he goes 4-0, then he'll be a 20 game winner and probably get some Cy Young Votes.

While the A's climbed back to .500, the Sox are now 10 games out of first place with 21 left to play. And 8 games back in the loss column with 21 left to play for the Wild Card thanks to the Rays bizarre blown lead yet still winning the game victory in Toronto.

I'm not saying they are dead, but let's just say their kids are making arrangements.

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1 comment:

  1. And who was in the A's dugout watching as Coco put on the show... Rickey Henderson. A's gotta hire him as a coach already!