Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is no time to be lying around, Giants... there's an amazing thing that is happening:

The Padres are falling apart.
Worse than falling apart.

They've dropped a WEEK of games down the stretch.
Sure the Giants are only 2 games back of the Phillies for the Wild Card... but the Phillies are suddenly healthy and looking more and more like the 2 time defending NL Champs.

And the Phillies are chasing the Braves who are also showing no signs of letting up.

But there's San Diego.
Remember all season long it looked like they were winning with a big bag of luck and a no name line up (besides Adrian Gonzalez)?

Remember when the season began the Padres looked like a team destined to lose 100 games?

Well what if I told you at the beginning of the year they would win 88-90 games?
You'd probably award Bud Black for manager of the year!

What if the law of averages are catching up to the Padres?
What if this wonderful story of the second lowest payroll in the National League taking control of the division and storming into the playoffs WAS too good to be true?

The Giants play the Padres seven (count em SEVEN) more times.

Of course the Padres have the Giants number this year, winning 9 out of 11 games so far.
But what if the law of averages catches up with the head to head match up as well?

The Giants can't worry about teeth grinding losses and blown opportunities.

Forget the 9th inning triple the other day or blowing the comeback to the Reds last week.

They actually can take control of their own destiny, and with Lincecum back in the win column finally, maybe they can string together some wins!

I'm telling you, the West can be won.

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  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    We know the Red Sox Curse, we know the Billygoat curse, and we know full well that the Giants are cursed as well, by what or by whom exactly only sweet baby Jesus knows.
    But do you know about the Colonel Sanders Curse? Yeah, KFC, Colonel Sanders of the white suit, black western tie and greasy-finger-lickin'-chicken fame?
    After the Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese Baseball League won the 1985 Central title, rabid fans grabbed the Colonel's effigy from in front of the local Kentucky Fried and tossed it in the Dotonbori river. Why? Because the team's star slugger, Randy Bass, supposedly looked like the Colonel.
    No one should even dare to explain this story, because it must be taken straight from a legendary Japanese variety show.
    The Giants are cursed, but at least it wasn't the Colonel who's doing them in.

  2. You may want to check out what I wrote in 2008 about the Cursed Giants

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I have been a Giants fan for 24 years.
    It's hard enough being a Giants fan, given the despair and all, but I happen to make it more difficult.
    I live in Cyprus.
    Time Zone Difference: +10 hours.
    I have my cell phone on my nightstand.
    I have on my phone.
    I loathe
    I don't buy expensive phones, because I have the tendency to throw them against walls.
    Anywhere between 11.00 PM and 8:00 AM.
    I can't sleep before a game ends.
    I don't always sleep as much as I should.
    I think this makes me the toughest-ass fan on the planet.
    I don't need a juggernaut, just one year, a year I can look back on when my hair is gone and my hands have curled and say:
    "That was our year."

  4. Anonymous6:50 PM

    anoymous............i feel your pain as i have been a giants fan for 45 years just want 1 world series title before i die. im a life long giants fan because my older brother is a life long dodgers fan. this started very early in my life. the angles world series hurt. with this pitching staff it can be done this year.....please this year......time is running out.hurry up and do this....kentucky giants fan