Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What the hell kind of season is Dallas Braden having?

It is a strange season for him, no doubt about it.
He has had surreal controversy regarding A-Rod walking on his mound.
He had the heart warming Mother's Day perfect game and his grandmother telling A-Rod to stick it.
He did a good job delivering a Top Ten list on Letterman.
He's got 5 complete games plus 2 shutouts (which lead the AL).

So he has the aura of being a good pitcher.

But he has a losing record... and not just a hard luck Cole Hamels kind of losing record... he's gotten BOMBED.

And tonight, with the A's having a sliver of hope, and Texas already in the loss column... he coughs up 5 runs in a brutal second inning that takes the A's out of it early and makes their wild 9th inning seem like desperation rather than a genuine comeback attempt.

And I thought Dice-K was tough to figure out!

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  1. he needs to go visit the 209, or whatever bs that is about

  2. From the photo, it looks like he has been going thru Lincecum's stash...

    Granted, he had some bad starts but last night against Seattle shouldn't be included. He gave up 5 runs in the 2nd inning but you can't blame his pitches... a bloop hit here and then another. A jam shot of Russell Branyan that breaks his bat yet the ball floats over Mark Ellis at 2nd... Adam Moore hit a home run - and that was really the only solid hit off Braden.

    That being said, the A's still should have won last night and they almost came back in the 9th... which made the loss hurt even more.