Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Giants start and fact checking

It is early... but it is also safe to say that if the Defending World Champion San Francisco Giants lose the Division by a game, these 2 one run losses in Chavez Ravine will hurt.

My dad, the biggest fan of the champs that I know, waved his hand. "We started the season last year being swept by the Astros. It turned out all right."

I didn't remember that being the case. "No, they started awfully" my dad assured me. "4 games in people were calling into KNBR screaming."

So that was going to be the general premise of this post. But before I started typing, I decided to double check it.

No, the Giants didn't get swept by the Astros to start the 2010 World Championship season.

THEY swept the Astros! And then won a 13 inning thriller in Atlanta. They started the season 4-0... 6-1... 7-3...

But that is the trust I have in my dad. He said it so convincingly that I took it on face value that the Giants started the season 0-4.

Damn facts getting in the way of what was going to be a very funny post!

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