Friday, March 07, 2008

Everyone calm down! It's spring training!

My e mail box has been filling up about my man Clay Buchholz getting lit up his first few games.

People are panicking that A-Rod is being a DH instead of playing third.

The Mets are resting their players left and right and people are asking why!

In fact it is still early...
We're not a week from opening day. We're a week before teams start to break out those stupid green St. Patrick's Day uniforms.

It's practice.
These games don't mean squat.
A player's performance doesn't mean squat.
They could be trying out pitches...
They culd just be getting armed up.

How anyone can get excited or distraught over a spring training game is beyond me.

I'd rather ever player works out the kinks in Florida
It's like people who cheer pre-season football

Why not keep score in a simulated game bullpen session?

Red Sox fans... would you rather see Clay Buchholz kick butt in the Grapefruit League or the pennant stretch?

Yankee fans... wouldn't you rather the Yankee's new 10 year contract with A-Rod not be blown out before Ron Paul bows out of the race?


Without looking it up...
How did the Yankees do in Spring Training last year?

I have no clue how the Red Sox did.
I know that spring training games end with guys wearing #85 and #99 1/3

What was the most dramatic spring training game you ever saw?

Ken Burns didn't cover a lot of legendary spring training games in Baseball

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