Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let's not forget the suffering fans of Washington DC

Since the Red Sox are now the evil empire and the White Sox shook off their own 88 year drought... focus is squarely on the Cubs and their fans for longest suffering.

And this being the 100th anniversary of a Cubs World Championship, they deserve the spotlight.

But let's not forget the fans of Washington DC.

They haven't had a World Series winner since 1924.
They haven't seen a World Series since 1933 and since the 2005 team finished at .500, they haven't had a winning team since 1969 when Ted Williams scared Frank Howard and the Senators to an 86-76 finish.

Now wait you might be saying...
Washington didn't even have a team from 1972 to 2004.
That's true, in my lifetime there was no Washington team until the Nationals started playing in 2005.

Well shouldn't that factor into the suffering?
The Senators leave town to become the Twins starting in 1961 and they win 2 World Series, another pennant and seven more division titles.

A new Senators team takes their place and they move off to Texas.
What other city has had a team leave them TWICE?
And they'd still be teamless if the situation in Montreal was straightened out.
If an owner was found in Quebec, fans in Washington would have to go to Baltimore... which you should NEVER do.

So let's hope a new era begins in Washington...
They've been waiting 84 years for a title!

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