Friday, March 07, 2008

The winter has gone by quickly

Nice ViewA lot has happened since Jonathan Papelbon struck out someone named Seth Smith to win the 2007 World Series for my Red Sox...

And a lot of it in my life has distracted me from updating this blog.

I had my feature film, I'll Believe You, made its debut in the theaters.

The show I was producing for, Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller, debuted and then seemed to fade away.

I got hooked on the Oscars and this insane Presidential race.

But the off season of baseball has been an especially ugly one.
And frankly I didn't have a lot to write about Roger Clemens, and Congress and who lied (Clemens) and who is a scumbag (everyone involved.)

I'd rather Congress be spending time discussing health care and Iraq rather than if Clemens was hanging out at Canseco's pool house.

So I took some time to recharge, rewatched Manny hitting that home run against Rodriguez, changed my ringer on my cell phone from the Sox winning the 2004 World Series to them winning the 2007 World Series...

And of course kept calling Dibble and Kennedy on XM as "Sully from Palo Alto."

Oh yeah I also spent time with my wife and kids.

Well, spring training is here and I should get warmed up myself.
A whole new season is starting and I have lists to write, observations to make, predictions to get wrong, movie references to confuse my readers and hopefully a chance to say hello to my friends in Toledo again.

Sully Baseball is back in business.

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  1. I can't even remember who the Red Sox were playing in last year's World Series.

    Maybe this season a baseball team will do something other than the extremely tiresome group pogo to celebrate winning. Just a hope.

    Is it me or does the guy on that video clip sound particularly retarded?

    So that's it, another six months of sourness is under way. I can't wait for the season - and the Red Sox 162-game losing streak - to start.