Friday, March 14, 2008

Forget Billy Crystal... get Hank in a few games!

Think about it...

The Braves bring Hank Aaron back to play a few games...
The place would go nuts. It took last year's joyless (except in San Francisco) home run chase to make people finally appreciate Hank Aaron.

And now there is all this debate over who is REALLY the home run king and who shouldn't be called the home run king.

Let's make it easy...
Bring Hank back!

And I'm talking regular season games here.

Have him hit 8 homers and guess what? The debate is over. Hank will have one more homer than Barry and he'll be the king!

You call this a disgrace to the game? I thought everyone said BONDS was the disgrace.

Don't think Hank can hit 8 homers?
Have you SEEN middle relievers these days?

And the Braves aren't winning crap this year... so why not have Hank come back.


  1. A few thoughts here Sully. First, I'm glad to see you're back after the victory lap.

    Billy Crystal may just be the Minnie Minoso of comedy.

    Hank is the home run King as we all know so, a stunt isn't necessary. That being said, I love a good stunt so, I'm all for it.

    That being said, we could sure use a guy like Bill Veeck, now more than ever.

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  3. deluca9:02 AM

    you advocate injuries to the elderly!

    shame on you and this blog!

    The man is in his mid 70’s one errant pitch and its baseball’s worst tragedy ever.

    And you continue to ignore Curt Schilling’s a-holeness.

    Get on the ball Sullivan!