Friday, October 28, 2011

Nelson Cruz's play was worse than Bill Buckner's error

David Freese hit a walk off, game winning World Series tying home run last night... and it wasn't even his most dramatic hit of the night. Not by a LONG shot.

He got his homer off of Mark Lowe... a guy who wasn't even on the playoff roster for the Division Series and ALCS. And the game was tied.

In the 9th he faced an All Star closer in Neftali Feliz and was down to the last strike before elimination.

And his drive to right field looked like it was well hit but not good enough.

Admit it, you thought the World Series was over. Nelson Cruz looked like he was slowing up with a beat on the ball. And up he leaped.

And he didn't have it.

He jumped up too soon, like he didn't know where the wall was.
The ball sailed over his head and off the wall. The two runs scored.

So why is that worse than the Buckner play?
Unlike Bill Buckner's error, this play COULD have won the World Series!
Buckner's error ended Game 6 of the 1986 World Series... but the game was tied on the Wild Pitch.

If Cruz caught the ball (and we ALL thought he was about to) then that would have been it.
The Texas Rangers would have been the World Champs.

Who knows how this series will unfold tonight?
Who knows if there will be another highlight that will overshadow last night's game. (Think that's not possible? Remember how 1991 and 2001 had Game 7 finales that become the main highlight?)

A Rangers win tonight would make his play a forgotten footnote (like the wild pitch that tied Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.)

If they don't, then you can RIGHTLY say they would have won the World Series if he made that catch.

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Nelson Cruz looked like a silly woman on the field scared to make a catch. Absolutely shameful.

  2. Anybody remember Brian Harper's big 2-out 8th inning RBI hit that gave the Cards a 1-0 lead in 1985 Game 6? No. Of course not because Darrell Porter had Pabst Blue Ribbon on his mind instead of catching the ball (or getting a good tag on the fleet Jim Sundberg) and the Series went to a 7th game that the Royals dominated. I'm hoping David Freese will go down with Kirby Puckett ('91) or Mookie Wilson/Ray Knight ('86) and not Harper ('85) or Carlton Fisk ('75)

  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I do feel badly for Cruz - he's going to feel the knawing pain forever, and if not, fans will remind him for a long time. His error in game six 9th inning IS worse than Bill Buckner's game 6 fielding error, primarily because Buckner's error should be shared to a large degree with Boston's manager,, Morgan. The Sox were ahead and didn't need Buckner's bat in the lineup. Further, Morgan knew that Buckner was hobbling and hurt, so any competent manager (like LaRussa) would have pulled such players and put in his defensive skills squad. Not Morgan - asleep at the switch. As a Bostonian, I never really blamed Buckner - unfortunately Cruz doesn't have a manager to share the pain/blame with. Next year, Rangers! Hang tough .... we waited 8 decades (1918 to 2004) for another WS championship, you'll get yours too

  4. A few corrections for Anon...
    First of all the manager was John McNamara, not Joe Morgan.

    Secondly, it was the 10th inning not the 9th. But you are right.

    Two other things to think about.
    Buckner got on base in the 10th inning. There was an opportunity to pinch run for him.

    The Red Sox won 7 post season games in 1986 between the ALCS and World Series... in each win they had Dave Stapleton at first to finish the game.

    But of course the main reason it was worse, as I wrote, that Nelson Cruz's missed catch could have ended the World Series. The game was already tied when the ball went through Buckner's legs.

  5. That being said, I hope Rangers fans remember him for his 6 ALCS homers

  6. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Oh Texas Ranger loos the world series by Nelson Cruz, so Neftali, Darren Oliver, Michael Young, Andrus, and Ron Washignton don't do it nothing...Cruz did his job, and he was injured...

  7. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Being afraid to crash the wall to win the world series?! Seriously!

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