Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Diamondbacks? Now THAT'S how you rebuild!

Did you know the Diamondbacks just won their 8th game in a row?
Me neither, and I live on the West Coast!

Did you know that they moved into a virtual tie with the Dodgers today?
The Dodgers are the team that I thought was going to stampede into the World Series this year... and a Diamondback team filled with dudes I haven't and you haven't heard from have tied them.

Did you know that they won their last 3 games with walk off hits and are firing on all cylinders as a team?

Me neither... and I follow this game pretty closely.

They haven't lost since last Friday and have put together a team that, save for the out for the rest of the season Randy Johnson, is devoid of a single player from the 2001 World Champions.

How the heck are they doing it?
Defending Cy Young winner Brandon Webb is having an unspectacular year.
There is no dominating force on the offensive side.
Eric Byrnes is having a nice year, but isn't on anyone's shortlist for MVP.
And he's the only regular batting over .289.

Their rotation is OK, but certainly not a repeat of Big Unit and Schilling.
Closer Jose Valverde is doing fine, BUT COME ON!

This team could be the most anonymous team to make the playoffs since the 2002 Angels. (Who, in case you forgot won the whole kit and also the kabootle.)

Not to get all Butch and Sundance on you, but who are those guys?
Let's say they get into the playoffs and stay hot and win it all...
Could we then call the Diamondbacks "The Team of the Decade"?

And how stupid would that make teams like the Pirates, Reds and Royals feel that the D'Backs could rebuild despite falling hopelessly into debt?

And how frustrating would it be for title starved franchises like the Indians, Cubs, Giants and Astros to see the D'Backs win twice in a decade with 100% roster turn over.

And, sorry Pat and Christin, but how bad does that make the Devil Rays look? The team that started the same year as them has a chance to make the playoffs for the 4th time... and the D'Rays are still in search of their first 71 win season!

Watch them keep winning...
If I figure out how they are doing it, I'll let you know.

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