Friday, July 27, 2007

The week in review for the supposed AL East race

When we woke up last Friday morning, the Red Sox had the second best record in baseball and the biggest lead of a division leader with 7 over the Yankees.

Then the Yankees went on an unreal tear. They won 6 out of 8 games (a .750 clip!), winning all 6 in a row. The offense was unreal peeling out an AVERAGE of nearly 12 runs a win including 21 runs in the series finale with Tampa.

Alex Rodriguez continues his rampage through the American League and the Yankees looked invincible.

As we wake up THIS Friday morning we see the Red Sox now have the best record in baseball and their lead over the Yankees has widened by 1/2 a game.

How is this a pennant race?

If the Yankees can't even maintain the status quo while playing .750 ball, how are they going to GAIN ground when they aren't playing AAA teams like the Devil Rays and the Royals?

Speaking of the Devil Rays, the Red Sox play them... starting today.
Maybe if the Yankees play a little better than .750 ball they could catch up... even a little.



  1. you protest too much, you wacko!

    If the yankees had any bridge to mariano, I'd probably be this worried about the 2nd place Bosox.

    Oh and F Jack Brohammer!

  2. For $200 million, you'd think they'd have a bridge to Mariano.

    Oh well, magic number is tumbling