Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Nationals... did you know that you guys stink?

Sometimes do you wonder if Jim Bowden, the GM for the Washington Nationals, is even watching the games?

Hey Jim... did you notice that your team stinks?
I'm not talking "in a slump."
I'm talking "90+ losses."

And for the second straight year, they act a tad bit strange at the trading deadline.
As in "not doing anything."

Last year they had Alfonso Soriano, who EVERYONE in the world knew was splitting via free agency at the end of the year. So what did he do when many teams could have used an impact bat?

He kept him! And let him walk!

And got nothing for him.

This year with some of the biggest teams in baseball needing bullpen help, and the Nationals holding 2 prime chips (Chad Cordero and Jon Rauch) what does he do?

Not only does he hold on to him, but signs Dmitri Young and Ron Belliard to extensions... even though their contracts will be up before the Nats even SNIFF a winning season.

So the Nationals could have received 3 or maybe even 4 pieces to build with for the future... and got Dmitri Young, a player the Tigers cut instead of including on their playoff roster, for the long haul.

Does he think they are a player away from competing?
Or is he betting the same way that referee did?

Either way, bet on 90 losses NEXT year... and Bowden signing Julio Franco to a 10 year contract.

You BET this counts as my Washington Nationals post!

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