Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rivera tied Franco... is that an honor?

Mariano Rivera recorded his 424th career save this week, putting him tied at #3 on the all time list.

And what legend is he tied with? Fingers? Sutter? Henke? Gossage?

John Franco.

If anything shows how much the save stat has been cheapened over the years, it is the fact that John Franco has the third highest total.

Franco shouldn't be top three in ANY stat except maybe "Most Nobody Beats The Wiz commercials."

And even then he would rank 4th behind Esiason, Simms and of course the best, Namath.

I always wondered how this family got to celebrate Christmas with Joe Willy.


  1. Franco deserves more respect. In his years when he was good, he was pretty damn good.

  2. Basically, I like anything with a 'Nobody Beats the Wiz' reference in it.