Friday, July 27, 2007

Reds... PLEASE trade Ken Griffey Jr.

Dear Cincinnati Reds,

Hey! It's Sully. I have a favor to ask you and I think you'll wind up thanking me in the end. Well here it is... for the good of the game and the eventual good of the Cincinnati Reds... TRADE KEN GRIFFEY JR! NOW! TO A CONTENDER!

Look, I know it will be tough. There's nothing else to cheer for in Cincy this year as the once proud Reds have the most losses of any National League team and are well on their way to their 7th straight sub .500 season.

But the whole "Second generation Griffey star" just isn't working. Oh it seemed like a great idea... kind of like Barry Bonds part 2. And adding Griffey to a team that missed the post season by a tie breaking playoff game looked like the beginning of an NL Central dynasty.

One winning season, a new ballpark, 5 managers and a lot of injuries later, it's been sad to see one of the greatest players we'll EVER see wasting away playing meaningless games.

Well now he is healthy, and pounding out homers at a Hall of Fame clip without a whiff of controversy nor any of his friends sitting in jail for him.

Do Griffey a favor, do the passionate and casual fans a favor, and ultimately do yourself a favor... and send him off to a winner.

For Griffey's sake, you give him a chance to shine on the national stage again. Remember his first time? He crushed the Yankees with 5 homers in 5 games and scored the series ending run from first in the bottom of the 11th.

I am positive he has a few more moments like that. Why not find out with him on the Angels, Dodgers, Mets or Tigers?

And the Reds can get a young player or two and get the albatross of his contract off their ledger.

The Reds someday will be good again (if the Tigers could, anyone could.) But why punish Griffey and the rest of baseball?
With all of his injuries, there are already too many "What ifs?" in his career.

Trade him now! Give him a post season moment and a chance for a ring to cap off a Hall of Fame career!

Just not to the Yankees.



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