Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pirates and A's trump Olympics and Red Sox/Yankees

Last night I had the choice of following the liveless Red Sox get their brains beaten in by the New York Yankees or watching the Queen of England pretend she was in a James Bond movie at the Olympics.

Instead I flipped between the Pirates - Astros game and the A's - Orioles game.
Folks, I made the right choice.

My fascination with the Pirates goes back years and I've been writing about their quest for 82 wins so often that you would think I grew up in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, I've been fascinated by the Oakland Athletics who have been the most exciting and thrilling team to watch this past month.

I thought they put on the best show for their fans, but I also wondered if this 25 game stretch against solid teams would ruin their season.

Well so far they are 10 games into that stretch and their record is 8-2.

So I caught up on the two teams last night. Both had back and forth games and I got to listen to not one but two ninth inning come from behind rallies in the same night.

The A's blew an early 5-0 lead and a late 8-6 lead and still rallied in a shocking six run rally off of All Star closer Jim Johnson.

The Astros have cleaned house of recognizable pitchers but still had a lead on the Pirates in the ninth. No worries. Pittsburgh got only one hit but still rallied.

Drew Sutton scored the winning run on a wild pitch and the Pirates were the victors.

As of this writing, both the Pirates and the A's would qualify for the play in Wild Card game.

As of this writing, they are both young unlikely contenders who are looking at the end of July not as a time to dump veterans but to improve the current roster.

Today former Astro Wandy Rodriguez pitches for the Pirates. Today Bartolo Colon takes his slender frame to the hill and try to win yet another series for the A's.

It's exciting baseball, which is more than you can say of what is happening in the Bronx. And it is better TV than a stunt woman pretending to be the queen parachuting.

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