Friday, August 31, 2012

Astros Should Sign Roger Clemens...and Bonds, Palmeiro and McGwire Too - A Bleacher Report Article

Roger Clemens is attempting a come back that could lead him all the way back to the Houston Astros.

Is that good for baseball?
In my latest for Bleacher Report, I argue that not only is Clemens return good, but that the Astros should sign EVERYONE that the PED scandal has touched.


Better read the whole article HERE.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I was a guest on the Podcast A GAL FOR ALL SEASONS

I was guest on the podcast A Gal For All Seasons yesterday. The host Taryn Cooper and I talked about the Red Sox and Dodgers trade, Strasburg's arm and why it always goes back to the Mets incompetence. The Coop and Sully are a great team, folks! A GAL FOR ALL SEASONS 08/29 by NDB Media Sports Channel | Blog Talk Radio
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Red Sox Fans Should Honor and Say Thank You to Josh Beckett...No, Really - A Bleacher Report Article

No Red Sox fan is happier to see Josh Beckett go than me.
But that being said, we Red Sox fans should tip our hats to the former #19.

As I wrote in Bleacher Report, it is easy to remember the bad times. But never forget he gave the Red Sox the single greatest post season performance in Red Sox history.

Read the entire article HERE.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Dodgers trade was a reaction to the Lakers and Dwight Howard - A Bleacher Report Article

You read that headline correctly.
This was not a baseball trade.

This was an eyeball trade.

As I wrote in Bleacher Report, this was a reaction to a season that NEEDS to go into the fall as the Lakers, Kings, Clippers and Trojans all vie for the Los Angeles fan's dollar.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Marlins Can Be a Cautionary Tale for the Dodgers - A Bleacher Report article

The L. A. Dodgers brought in a ton of big priced players into the team, which means the post season is a LOCK! Just ask the Marlins and the Red Sox.

Oh wait.

In my latest for Bleacher Report, I broke down why some teams just won't learn from other clubs who weigh down their payroll with big prices, sexy and yet ultimately unmovable deals.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Like in 1997, The Red Sox are Ending One Era and Beginning Another - A Bleacher Report Article

The last time the Red Sox had a losing season, it was 1997. They are probably going to have another one this year.

But as I wrote in Bleacher Report, 1997 also marked the beginning of a great new era for Red Sox baseball because of how they reacted to the losing season.

Hopefully the great house cleaning of 2012 will start a new glorious era.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red Sox Are Essentially Trading Adrian Gonzalez for a Brighter Future - A Bleacher Report Article

There are no words to express how much I want this trade to happen.
You know what trade I am talking about. THE trade. The trade that will help wipe away 2011 and 2012 and move the Boston Red Sox forward.

In my latest for Bleacher Report, I make the argument that dealing Adrian Gonzalez is worth having a hopeful future for the team.

The new era of the Red Sox starts now.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Red Sox Have Given Their Fans No Reason to Root for Them - A Bleacher Report Article

The 2012 Boston Red Sox have done the impossible. They have made Boston fans nostalgic for 2011. In my latest article for Bleacher Report, I break down why the last straw has been put on the camels back for Sox fans. Read the whole article HERE.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Giants Magic Number is 36

It is not just Gaylord Perry's retired number. It is the Giants goal.
Any combination of Giants wins and Dodgers losses will give the Giants the Division.

Remember all the hand wringing when Melky Cabrera got suspended.
My dad was depressed.
My Giants friends were saying the season was done.
It was doom and gloom going into L.A.

Then the Giants found a novel solution.
Win games.
Out pitch the opposition.

In other words QUIT YER WHINING!

This is the Giants Division to win.

They just turned a 1/2 game hole to a 2 1/2 game lead.

Melky who?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kelly Shoppach Texting Red Sox Management Story Doesn't Even Make Sense - A Bleacher Report Article

So wait a second. NOW we are being told that Adrian Gonzalez didn't send the text messages to the front office.

It was back up catcher Kelly Shoppach who sent the message USING Gonzalez's phone.
Really? THAT'S the story they are telling?

Shoppach denies it. Don't worry, Kelly. Nobody believes it.

On my latest for Bleacher Report regarding this twist in the story, I bring up the letters "B" and "S". And they do NOT stand for Boston and Sox.

You can read the article HERE.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Red Sox Should Dump Bobby Valentine for Brad Mills - A Bleacher Report Article

Brad Mills managed the Astros to their first 100 loss season and was well on his way to their second when he was fired yesterday.

So naturally I want him to be the manager of the Red Sox.

Think I'm kidding? Nope. And in my latest for Bleacher Report I describe why I think he is the right fit.

You can read the article HERE.

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How stupid is this Red Sox season?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.
Lester pitched great.
Adrian Gonzalez hit a key home run.

Any other year, that would be the buzz among Red Sox fans.

Instead what are people talking about? Kelly Shoppach sending text messages on Adrian Gonzalez's phone.

As I wrote on Bleacher Report, this is the lest fun Red Sox season ever.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Astros fire Brad Mills... mercifully

The Astros blew up the team. They traded everyone away.
And instead of having Brad Mills oversee this minor league team, they dismissed the manager as well.

Perhaps but if they were going to make a move, why not do it now? Why have Mills twist in the wind?

I made this case in Bleacher Report a month ago and I stand by it. If you are going to make a move, don't have a manager be a lame duck.

You can read the article from July HERE.

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SF Giants Magic Number is 43

Woe is the Giant fan.
They lost Melky and their season is lost.

What can they possibly do?

How about WIN? Their destiny is still in their hands, and as I pointed out in Bleacher Report, the last month and a half of their schedule is super soft.

43 is the Magic Number. If they win the games they are supposed to win, the Division will be theirs, Melky or not.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Red Sox vs. Yankees Is the Least Interesting Series This Weekend - A Bleacher Report Slideshow

How boring is this potential Red Sox and Yankees series this weekend? I argue it is the least interesting series of the weekend.

And on Bleacher Report, I do more than make a statement like that... I back it up with an insane slide show.

You can see the slideshow HERE.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Most Recent Victim of a No Hitter for Each Franchise - A Bleacher Report Article

For every team thrilled that their pitcher threw a no hitter, there is a team humiliated on the bench wondering why they couldn't get one hit.

In my latest for Bleacher Report, I said to hell with positivity. Let's focus on the negativity.

I listed each team's most recent victimization of a no hitter.

You can read the article HERE.

And if you want to stay positive, then read each teams most recent no hitter HERE.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Most Recent No Hitter For Each Franchise (Updated for August 15, 2012)

Today was all set to be an awful baseball day. The talk was going to be of Melky Cabrera and PEDs and questioning who is juicing and who isn't.

Then the King spoke.

King Felix Hernandez would have none of the PED talks. Less than 3 and a half hours after Melky Cabrera's suspension was announced, the King was perfect. He threw the 23rd perfect game in history and third this season.

Now the talk of baseball tonight was perfection, the power of the ace pitcher and discussing if Hernandez had thrown himself into the Cy Young discussion.

Who do I feel badly for?

Mariner pitchers Charlie Furbush, Stephen Pryor, Lucas Luetge, Brandon League and Tom Wilhelmse. They all combined with Kevin Millwood for the last Mariners no hitter earlier this season.

They are off the list now.

It was good when it lasted.

Here is the updated list.


Felix Hernandez - August 15, 2012.
1-0 over Rays. (Perfect Game)

Matt Cain - June 13, 2012.
10-0 over Houston. (Perfect Game)

Johan Santana - June 1, 2012
8-0 over St. Louis.

Jered Weaver - May 2, 2012.
9-0 over Minnesota.

Phillip Humber - April 21, 2012
4-0 over Seattle. (Perfect Game.)

Justin Verlander - May 7, 2011.
9-0 over Toronto.

Francisco Liriano - May 3, 2011
1-0 over Chicago White Sox

Roy Halladay - October 6, 2010
4-0 over Cincinnati. (Playoff Game)

Matt Garza - July 26th, 2010
5-0 over Detroit.

Edwin Jackson - June 25, 2010
1-0 over Tampa Bay

Dallas Braden - May 9, 2010
4-0 over Tampa Bay. (Perfect Game.)

Ubaldo Jimenez - April 17, 2010
4-0 over Atlanta.

Carlos Zambrano - September 14, 2008.
5-0 over Houston.

Jon Lester - May 19, 2008.
7-0 over Kansas City.

Anibal Sanchez - September 6, 2006.
2-0 over Arizona.

Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner -
June 11, 2003.
8-0 over New York Yankees.

Bud Smith - September 3, 2001
4-0 over San Diego.

David Cone - July 18, 1999.
6-0 over Montreal. (Perfect Game.)

Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon - July 12, 1997.
3-0 over Houston. (10 innings.)

Hideo Nomo - September 17, 1996.
9-0 over Colorado.

Kenny Rogers - July 28, 1994.
4-0 over California. (Perfect Game.)

Kent Mercker - April 8, 1994.
6-0 over Los Angeles.

Bret Saberhagen - August 26, 1991
7-0 over Chicago White Sox.

Dennis Martinez - July 28, 1991.
2-0 over Los Angeles. (Perfect Game.)

Bob Milacki, Mike Flanagan, Mark Williamson and Gregg Olson - July 13, 1991.
2-0 over Oakland.

Dave Steib - September 2, 1990.
3-0 over Cleveland.

Tom Browning - September 16, 1988.
1-0 over Los Angeles. (Perfect Game.)

Juan Nieves - April 15, 1987.
7-0 over Baltimore.

Len Barker - May 15, 1981.
3-0 over Toronto. (Perfect Game.)

Bobby Burke - August 8, 1931
5-0 over Boston.

It would be nice if the Padres would get their first and the Nationals get their first since moving from Quebec.

Either way, it is good to be talking about BASEBALL instead of drugs.

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