Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleveland fans... stop watching sports this year

I am actually dead serious.

This is the best advice you can get from your pal Sully.


Don't watch the NBA Finals. It will just make you mad.

Don't watch any Indians games. They are terrible.

Don't watch any Browns games. They won't win the Super Bowl.

Seriously... turn off ESPN. Don't log onto your favorite sports blogs.

Do yourself this favor and don't watch any more sports until the calendar flips over to the new decade.

Consider all of the time you spend on sports during a season and use it elsewhere.

If you are a spouse or a parent... spend time with your family. 

If your spouse rolls their eyes when you say "I've got to watch the game today" imagine their glee when you say "Let's do something this Sunday together."

Think about stuff you wanted to do around the house.

Think about some crack pot idea you are kicking around in your head.

Is there some relative or friend you've lost touch with? Call them. And say "Let's meet this Sunday." And when they say "Wait, aren't the Browns playing then?" reply "This is more important." They'll cry more than the end of Terms of Endearment!

Are there books you haven't read? Read them.

Is there a book idea you have? Write it.

Is there an instrument that fascinates you? Learn it.

Are there local points of interest you've driven past all of your life and never entered? Go check them out.

It doesn't even have to be something refined.

Learn some new dirty jokes.

Ever hear people talk about movies that you realize you never saw... go see them.

Catch up on TV shows.

Because it isn't just the time watching the game... there is the fretting about it, the Fantasy Teams you keep, the reading the scores and watching the highlights or listening to sports talk.

You've got to stop it for the rest of the year.

I know you think because I am a Red Sox fan that I am trying to rub something in your face on such a devastating night as the Cavaliers unlikely collapse to Orlando.

Nothing  could be further from the truth. I am a Red Sox fan and a Celtics fan, so yes in full disclosure I rooted against the Indians in 2007 and the Cavs in 2008.

And also in full disclosure my favorite National League team is the Giants and if there ever was a rematch of the 1954 World Series, I'd have to root for the Giants because they are my dad's team.

But when the Red Sox, Celtics or Giants are not involved... I ALWAYS root for the Cleveland team.

I have written about the insane drought in Cleveland and I've openly rooted for the Cavs in this post season.

Even when we Red Sox fans went through the 86 year drought, we had the Celtics winning titles.

But there was something very cruel about tonights game... in some ways more cruel than the Drive, the Fumble, the Shot or the 9th inning of Game 7 in 1997.

There was no dagger. It was just a loss. 

The Magic beat them, and it wasn't even as close as the score would indicate.

I wondered if LeBron James had answered Jordan's shot over Ehlo? It turns out it was just the same as John Starks' dunk in 1993. It looked great, but his team lost in 6.

Seriously... think about it. 

This has nothing to do with loyalty. No fans in all of sport are more loyal than Cleveland fans. 

Keeping in mind that you don't really start following the ins and outs of a sports team until you reach 7 or 8 years of age, there are 52 year olds with no memory of a Cleveland title.

There has been no Championship parade in Cleveland in the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and now the 2000s.

You are loyal.

But you deserve a break.

I expect to see the attendance at Indians and Browns games to be ZERO!

Keep doing that Papi... you might pull something

People think I am kidding when I say we need to fake an injury with David Ortiz.

I couldn't be more serious. At this point, if he knicks himself shaving, I want Papi on the 60 Day DL!

Papi on the disabled list I think will start a great domino effect for the Red Sox that could put the Sox in great shape for the long haul.

David Ortiz, one of the great sports heroes in Boston history, is on the 60 Day Disabled List. 

Official reason: 

He had a bad dream last night.

Clay Buchholz (Remember him? Our next ace?) is summoned from Pawtucket where he is 3-0 with a 1.30 ERA.

He is inserted into the rotation.

(I always have to check if it is two C's or two H's!)

Brad Penny is dealt. Yes his 5-1 record looks sexy but his 5.96 ERA and Larry Bowa's rant about his work ethic paint an uglier picture.

However the Sox are in a unique position. His last few starts haven't been bad and it seems like every single team is drooling for pitching.

Peavy is out there (but he's evidently a smidge picky.)
And there is Cliff Lee as well.

Other than those two, who else is really up for grabs? How many people have a pitcher that in 2007 finished third in the Cy Young vote available?

Plus with Peavy not going to an East Coast team, maybe the Red Sox can get the Phillies and Mets scared of each other and pry away a quality minor leaguer.

(Brad Penny is better than Victor Zambrano. I wonder if they have another Scott Kazmir down there!)


Trade for a young position player.

Imagine swiping a good young position player from, say, the Mets. 

Let's say a young third baseman... or a swift outfielder...

Then imagine that player joining the young nucleus with Ellsbury and Pedroia et al.

And then imagine shifting Mike Lowell or J. D. Drew to the DH slot where they can just concentrate on hitting rather than risking injury in the field.


Activate John Smoltz and have him scare the Bejesus out of the young pitchers.

It's always a good thing to have a future Hall of Famer hanging around who was a Cy Young caliber starter AND reliever.


You've shored up the rotation, the line up and keep either Drew or Lowell healthy all year.

And all you need is Big Papi to pretend he's hurt!

Come on! The checks will still clear!

Well that was pathetic, Oakland

They had a big 4 game series coming up (I mistakenly called it a 3 game set) and any hope for the A's to crawl back into it was resting on showing up for this set.

They had 8 games to make up... could they cut it down?

They got swept in a Day/Night Doubleheader (which is almost impossible) and today really showed a lot of heart in a 14-1 massacre.

It's not even June and the A's... the team I picked to win the World Series... are done.


They are 11 games out.

They are the worst team in the American League.

Only the Nationals are worse in all of Major League Baseball.

The only question is should they deal Matt Holliday or have him play out the season and pick up the draft picks?

As for Bob Geren... keep him. He's supposedly great buddies with Billy Beane.

It's going to be really lonely in Oakland, especially in September where I am predicting there will be several sub 1,000 crowds at the Coliseum. 

Billy is going to need a friend or two.

Is there a number large enough...

Is there a number large enough to quantify all of the baserunners David Ortiz has left on base this year?

Perhaps finding that number can help us understand the concept of an infinite universe.

Maybe it's time to fake that injury!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Red Sox lose...

Yankees win and take over first place by themselves...

The Lakers go to the NBA Finals...


You will forgive me if I avoid ESPN News tonight!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Oakland A's need to fire Bob Geren RIGHT NOW!!!!

Let me get this out of the way first… I have nothing personal against Bob Geren. I have never met the man.

He might be a nice guy. He certainly is a baseball lifer. He played professional baseball from 1979 to 1993 including five years in the big leagues.

He’s been a minor league manager, a bench coach and now a big league skipper. He might be right person for a job somewhere.

But it is becoming more and more obvious that he is not working as the manager of the Oakland A’s.

And the staff at Sully Baseball, who has put him on the firing line and called for his head, all agree that the time to let him go is now.

Not in a month.

Not in a week.

Now. If Billy Beane is reading this, he should fire Bob Geren before he finishes reading this sentence.

Here’s why:


He’s been there for 2 ¼ seasons… 

and his second season was worse than the first… 

and his third season looks worse than the second one.

You see a pattern developing?


They brought in Holliday, Cabrera, Nomar and Giambi. This looked like a year that the A’s would make a run at it.

And some people kind of bought into it.

The season in ¼ over and the team is the worst in the American League. If they still are going for it, then they can’t wait as they continue their 66-96 pace.


They aren’t going to make a blockbuster trade.

They aren’t going to bring up a phenom.

The only way to give the team a boost or a kick in the pants is to change the man in the dugout.


Look, the Rangers might turn into the Rays and stun us all the way to the World Series.

Or…. They could be yet another team that had a terrific first quarter and wilt in the summer heat!

They aren’t trying to track down the 1961 Yankees… or the Angels for that matter.

Did you remember the Rangers were in first place at this point in 2006? 


They played losing ball the rest of the way and another team zoomed in to take the division.

Do you remember which team it was? 

THE A’S!!!! And the A’s had a losing record at this point as well!

So it isn’t too late… but you’ve better do something before it is.


The A’s are 8 games back of the Rangers… and on Friday they head to Arlington for a 3 game set to finish the month.

What better way to start making up those 8 games than some head to head wins?


If you are going to have a change, why not have it on a day off? Have a transition of power and give the new guy a chance to get into the new office.

And also have give the players a day to have it sink in that the front office isn’t about to throw this season into the dumpster.

Now who should they put in?

Do you promote bench coach Tye Waller or third base coach Mike Gallego?

Do you give a shot to a solid minor league manager like Ken Oberkfell?
Do you give another shot to Don Baylor? John Gibbons? Ned Yost? Bob Melvin?

Do you go a drastic new direction and bring in Buck Showalter?

I’m always in favor of giving Chris Chambliss a shot…

Heck, give the job to Stomper the Elephant.

But the A’s need to do something and they need to do it now.

And when I say “now” I mean in 3… 2… 1… Now.

Nice job, Todd Tichenor

Seriously, way to put your stamp on a game.

There was a close play at the plate (which this Red Sox fan will admit looked like he had blown in the Boston's favor.) Mike Redmond had a legitimate beef and you threw up out almost instantly.

Do you know how many times Redmond has been tossed in his 12 year big league career? None.

So we are of course dealing with a notorious hothead!

So good job having a short fuse with him and the manager Ron Gardenhire too.

Make sure the interim manager had to use Mauer at catcher and remove the DH.

And the next inning, good job tossing Varitek in about 2 second right after he clubbed two homers (and Francona for good measure.)

Isn't it fun to see a young power tripping umpire put his thumb print all over the game?
Besides, always remember the fans pay good money to see the umpires!

Alone in first again!

Remember how lousy Beckett was at the end of last year?

Remember how he stunk up the joint in Game 2 of the ALCS?

Remember how his ERA in 2009 soared to 7.22 and people were wondering if it was all over for him?

Since then (including today's win) he is 3-0 in 5 starts with a 2.38 ERA. (He would be 4-0 without Papelbon's blown save against the Mets.)

In other words, we might have our ace back.

And oh yeah, the team is in first place... alone.

Forgive me if I am not panicking. 

The Devil is possessing the Rays

Remember how the Rays had shed the Devil from their name and suddenly became great contenders?

It seems like whenever they play the Red Sox, Tampa Bay looks like the most talented young team in the league.

Well, it looks like the Devil is back!

30% of the way through the season and the Rays are only a game ahead out of the basement.

It's early, but it isn't THAT early.

And let's take this series against the Indians... PLEASE!

If you are a team that has playoff aspirations (and I would assume the Defending American League Champs would fall into this category!!) how do you climb out of a sub .500 hole?

The best way is to beat up the bad teams.
You know, like the Indians, who were the worst team in the American League when Tampa wandered in.

And here's another tip... when you take a 10-0 lead in a game, try to hold it.

And if you should shockingly cough up a 10-0 lead and end the game with a ninth inning that featured 5 walks and 7 runs, make sure you don't cough up another big lead...

Like yesterday when the Rays took a 5 run lead in the first and lost 12-7.

It's not THAT early and if the Rays want to get back into the race, they can no longer lose games that look like laughers for them!

Unless they really ARE the Devil Rays again!

So it has come to this...

Remember when the Red Sox went on that awesome 11 game winning streak and the Yankees were wetting their pants and letting up 14 runs in the second inning?

That's all over now. 

Just a few days ago the Red Sox were the best team in the American League.
Now they are tied.

It's a clean slate and the Division Race begins today. (And yes I am discounting the freefalling Blue Jays and the underachieving Rays.)

Each team has 115 games to play.

The magic number for both teams is 116.

Maybe head to head match ups will come into play like it did in 2005.
Hmm... which team is up 5-0 in head to head match up? I don't remember.

And here... we.... go!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sully on Sirius Radio

Tonight I was a guest on Relentless Hardcore Radio on Sirius with Curtis and Jay.

We discussed surprising teams, my bad picks and which teams need to do a fire sale.

Take a listen HERE.

Did anyone notice there were some big match ups today?

Did you know that two teams played each other this afternoon that were tied for first place in their division?

You would never know it watching sports on TV or checking the sports section, but the Brewers and Cardinals played each other today... winner would be in first place by themselves going into the last weekend of May.

Oh and by the way, the first game of the series was one of the best pitched games you will EVER see with Chris Carpenter throwing a perfect game into the 8th, Yovani Gallardo throwing one into the 6th before Bill Hall broke up the scoreless tie in the 10th.

Did you see the highlights of that?

Didn't think so.

Well the Cardinals (a playoff pick of mine... thank you... no please thank you) are in first.
The Brewers remain a surprise even though they lost a tense 3-2 game today.

Oh and by the way

Tigers rookie pitcher Rick Porcello just won his 5th straight game, giving the Tigers another solid arm in their rotation.

That would be the FIRST PLACE Detroit Tigers, who defeated the second place Kansas City Royals and opened up a 4 game lead over the Royals.

This a day after Zack Grienke threw his 5th complete game victory for the Royals.

Why am I bringing all of this up?

Well, each year there are teams that make the playoffs and people say "Who are these Angels/Marlins/White Sox/Tigers/A's/Rockies/Diamondbacks/Rays? I've never even HEARD of them!"

Start paying attention. 

There are great great players out there. 

And while I am one to obsess over which Yankee is hitting and missing, or if Manny is playing with his Wii or the fact that David Ortiz still has only one more home run than Doris Day this year... let's start paying attention to who is actually playing winning baseball NOW!

If for no other reason so we can answer people when they say "Rick Porcello? Who the heck is that?"

Oh yeah... like YOU predicted it!

It is after Memorial Day and the Texas Rangers are the best team in the American League.

That looks strange to type.

But there they are. The have a 4 game lead over the Angels. They are playing .600 baseball and they are getting some decent pitching too.

They have a new organizational philosophy that says (GASP!) maybe we shouldn't stick to pitch counts as if they were Gospel.

Maybe we should try and push a pitcher and extra out or two and get them able to work out of jams and not wear a bullpen out.


Who would dare preach against the never really successful nor proved notion that pitchers need to be babied and never pitch more than X amount of pitches (therefore meaning the most critical parts of the game would be thrown by worn out relievers?)



What does HE know about pitching in the big leagues or longevity?

I'd rather listen to sabermatricians rather than the Hall of Famer who pitched over 27 seasons and was throwing no hitters in his 40s.

And so it goes for the Blue Jays

Remember when the Blue Jays went into Fenway Park 9 days ago?

They had a 3 1/2 game lead on the Red Sox and were riding a 4 game winning streak. They were about to embark on a 9 game road trip to show they were for real.

They were about to make a statement.

Oh, they made a statement alright. 

Nine days later they are the third place Blue Jays and they lost all nine games of the road trip.

They ran up an 8-3 lead today with Roy Halladay on the mound.
A 5 run 8th inning later it was in extra innings.

Then they had a 10-8 lead in the 11th... and someone named Nolan Reimold, a prospect even people who follow Orioles prospects forgot about, hit a walk off homer.

All of a sudden Cito Gaston's Manager of the Year award doesn't look as certain.

Either way, here's hoping their slide lasts just a few more games as the Red Sox come to town!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I dedicate this entry to two different fans at the Cleveland game last night

There were 20,929 tickets sold for yesterday's Cleveland/Tampa Bay game.

The number of people who saw the mindboggling ending where the Indians came all the way back from an early 10-0 hole with a wild 7 run bottom of the 9th inning was a lot smaller than 20,929.

The staff at Sully Baseball salutes two specific fans among the 20.929.


Inevitably there was a big time Indians fan there with his friends. This guy loved Andre Thornton, Joe Carter and thought Greg Swindell was going to be a left handed Roger Clemens.

This guy is still bitter about Jose Mesa's 9th, Tony Fernandez's error and Joel Skinner not waving home Kenny Lofton.

And this guy was at the game with his friends who wanted to split when the game was 10-0.

This guy didn't want to leave. He knows the Indians came back from a 12-0 lead on August 5th, 2001! They scored 4 in the 8th and 5 in the 9th and 1 in the 11th!

But his friends wanted to go. His friends wanted to go to some cook out or some kegger.

And by the 8th inning when it was still 10-2, he gave in. 

But as he was leaving, pressured into abandoning his seat, he looked back at the field, knowing he was doing the wrong thing.

I hope he gave his friends more grief than Job ever got on the ride home.


I feel your pain, brother.

I hope your friends bought all of your drinks.


Inevitably there was someone who persuaded their friends to stick around.

I bet they said "It ain't over til it's over."

I bet they said "Stranger things have happened!"

And I bet they capped it off by saying "I bet you thought the Cavs/Magic game was over before LeBron took his shot!"

And when Victor Martinez hit that liner up the middle, I hope that person thumped their chest like Greystoke!

I hope they screamed "I TOLD YOU!!! I TOLD YOU!!!"

Baseball is the greatest team sport there is... and I submit yesterday's Cleveland/Tampa Bay game as proof.

No clock to run out. No taking a knee. You need to get that 27th out.

These highlights give me goose bumps, and I don't like either team!


I guess Jake Peavy knew something that we didn't!

I thought it was odd when Jake Peavy rejected the trade to the White Sox.

He had a chance to leave a team that seemed destined to be a non contender and go to a defending Division Champ playing in a totally winnable division.

But I thought "Hey, he'd be leaving a ballpark that pads his stats to go to a launching pad and face the DH."

Then I thought "He'd be leaving the only organization he ever knew."

And I also thought "He's a married man with kids, and San Diego is a much nicer place in the summer than Chicago." That is not a knock against Chicago. I love Chicago. How many "Transplanted San Diegans" do you know?

And I remember he's making $6 million a year.

And he's 11 wins away from passing the late Eric Show as the all time wins leader in San Diego Padres history.

Guess what? There's another factor:


They followed up a 6 game losing streak that got the front office thinking fire sale and no doubt got manager Bud Black updating his resume with a 10 game winning streak!

Including the amazing comeback from a 7-1 deficit in yesterday's game

Suddenly the White Sox are sub .500 and the Padres have a winning record.

And while the Dodgers are running away with the West, the Padres are only 3 games behind Wild Card leading St. Louis.

And none of the teams ahead of the Padres (the Cardinals, the Reds, the Mets and the Braves) exactly look like the 1927 Yankees.

What I am saying is Peavy might as well stay put.

Maybe the Padres will make a deal to improve their team.

Maybe they'll deal with the White Sox!

Monday, May 25, 2009


It's not often we can thank the Yankees for a win.

But the Yankees rout of the Rangers coupled with the Red Sox victory over the Twins means that on Memorial Day the Red Sox are...

say it with me...


And the magic number is 115!!!!

Let's keep this up, fellas

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Battle of Florida has ELECTRIFIED the Sunshine State

Hey Kid... you want to maybe grab an aisle seat? I don't think they are coming.

When you consider that the Marlins had their 11-1 start and the Rays have so many dynamic young stars and seem to play everyone tough, it is amazing to realize that after today's thriller, NEITHER Florida team is above .500 on Memorial Day Sunday!

The Defending AL Champion Rays go into Memorial Day dead even at 23 wins and 23 losses.

Meanwhile the dynamic Marlins improved to 20-25. They are 9-24 since that incredible start.

Yet I still find the Marlins to be fascinating... and I stand by my prediction that they will win 90 games.

They need to start winning.
Today was a good start.

I'm sure the guy sitting in the stands there was thrilled.

Not to throw a wet blanket on today but...

We're more than 25% of the way through the season and David Ortiz has one more home run than Sasha Obama.

He's on a pace to hit between 3 and 4 homers this year.

It's no longer THAT early.

Ladies and Gentlemen... your FIRST PLACE BOSTON RED SOX!!!

Isn't it odd... when the Red Sox couldn't lose a game in April, they couldn't take over first place by themselves.

Now in May, when every game seems to be a teeth grinder, they sit on top of first alone heading into Memorial Day.

I'll take it!!!

And yes it is early, but not THAT early.

The Red Sox have already played more than 25% of their games.

So let's say it for the first time this season:


On to Minnesota tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is it possible to grind your teeth to the gums?

The Red Sox blow a game with 2 outs in the 9th?
The Yankees rally with 3 in the 9th to tie the Red Sox?
The Lakers win?

This wasn't a sports day.
It was a country western song!

Not only have the Yankees caught us, but we now have more Teeth Grinders than Dodged Bullets!

You'll forgive me if I avoid Sports Center tonight!

OK, now to update the Tally Board. May hasn't been pretty!!!!


April 17 - 10-8 win against Orioles. (Overcame 7-0 deficit.)
April 24 - 5-4 win against Yankees. (Bay homers off of Rivera in 9th to tie it.)
April 25 - 16-11 win against Yankees. (Overcame 6-0 deficit.)
April 29 - 6-5 win at Cleveland. (Overcame 5-0 deficit.)
May 12 - 4-3 win at Anaheim. (Down 3-1 in the 8th.)


April 14 - 6-5 loss at Oakland. (Sox blow early 3-0 lead. Lose in 12)
April 28 - 9-8 loss at Cleveland. (Sox blow early 5-1 lead. Lopez drops 3rd out.)
May 14 - 5-4 loss at Anaheim. (Ortiz goes 0-7 stranding 12 runners.)
May 15 - 5-4 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox blow their second 4-0 lead in three days.)
May 17 - 3-2 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox strand two in the 9th. Lose in the bottom of the 9th.)
May 23 - 3-2 loss to the Mets. (Papelbon lets up a 2 out 2 run homer in the 9th to Omir Santos)

- 1!!

Bonnie and Clyde did a better job dodging bullets!

Let's GO!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I claim the authority to fire Bob Geren

I'm not even an A's fan... but enough is enough.

The A's are making my pre season pick look worse every single day!

And the other day, after going through a humiliating 4 game stretch where they were outscored an average of 11.75 to 3.25, the A's were 3 outs away from winning a 4 game series with the Rays.

He had his closer warm. And he didn't bring him in. Tampa tied the game and later won it.

They responded with a lifeless 2-1 loss tonight.

We are at the 25% mark of the season where the front office pushed their chips to the center of the table and the A's have fewer wins than any team in the American League.

This is the equivalent of a citizen's arrest.

I, Paul F. Sullivan, lifelong Red Sox fan, will relieve Bob Geren of his duties as manager. 

And in his place I am inserting Chris Chambliss.

Seriously, how could Chambliss have the team in a worse place?

At this point, I bet A's fans would rather have the elephant Stomper manage the team.

Did LeBron James just answer Michael Jordan's shot over Craig Ehlo?

I was watching the last few minutes of the Cavs/Magic game with my father in law tonight. I explained to him why when in doubt, I always root for a Cleveland team.

I'd get into it again, but it is best explained in my Cleveland Rocked City post from last year.

When Hedo Turkoglu (I think I spelled that correctly) his the shot with one second left, I strangely felt deflated. 

I had been there before. That moment where you think "I thought this year was going to be different."

I had that when the Red Sox lost in the post season in 1988, 1990, 1995, 1998 and 1999. None of those teams got to the brink of 1986 nor 2003... their disappointment came not from how close they got but with how they whimpered out.

It was the "Oh no" feeling that my Cubs fan boss Frank had when Loney hit the grand slam last October.

And the TNT cameras cruely went around the arena, getting shots of the thousand yard stares from Cleveland fans of all ages. 

There were some middle aged fans who were clearly thinking "I can't believe THIS team is going to putter out."

There was a kid who had an expression on his face as if to say "Wait a minute? Am I really going to grow up as miserable about my sports teams as my dad?"

There was an older guy who you could see his brain working. "Cavs are toast, the Indians are the worst team in the AL, the Browns stink... oh man this isn't getting any easier."

And I said to my father in law "There is no way the Cavs can win it now."
And my father in law in his infinite wisdom said "Oh it's possible."

I shook my head and said "This city needs a hug."

Then LeBron hugged them.

It's amazing to watch a sporting event live that when it happens, you know it will be shown on highlights reels from this day forward.

And of course the comparison will come to Jordan's shot over Ehlo... only this time Cleveland is happy.

In some ways the Jordan shot will always be bigger. It ended a series and it signaled the beginning of Jordan's playoff supremacy. 

But if the Cavaliers win the NBA title this year, James' shot my wind up being bigger.

It was a Conference Finals game, not a first round match up like Jordan's.

And Jordan's Bulls didn't win the title THAT year. (They did 6 of the next 8 seasons... but still.)

If this is the turning point... the Gibson homer... the Messier Game 6 against the Devils... the Dave Roberts steal... the LT recovering Roger Craig's fumble... that leads to a dramatic championship... then it will be bigger.

What I am saying is Cleveland fans should be clearing their schedules for any Cavs game.

Evidently all they need is one second to do something amazing.

(Why didn't Van Gundy quadruple team LeBron?)

If the Yankees wanted to replicate Coors Field...

Then they should just go all the way and sign Dante Bichette, Andres Galarraga and Larry Walker.

It's getting a little ridiculous in this new ball park.

I think if Babe Ruth played there today, he'd his 15 homers.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweep them out!

Now THATS how you deal with a first place team coming into Fenway.
We're 1/2 a game out and ahead in the loss column. 

And hey! Lester finally pitched better than me!

OK onto the Mets, who right now are playing like it is September and they have a big lead.

In other words, they can beat by anyone!

I'm going away for the weekend and probably won't be updating as much.

When I get back to Los Angeles County, I expect to be rooting for a team in first place!

(And I'm not talking about the Dodgers!!!)

Rangers - Tigers... is this a playoff preview?

Both teams are in first place... and it is about to be Memorial Day Weekend, the first marker for determining who is a contender who just had a decent April.

Rangers - Tigers... that would be a big ratings grabber!

Hey Fox Sports Executives... better get on that ledge NOW!

What is this? 2005?

Chris Carpenter and Dontrelle Willis are winning games again?

Is it 2005 all over again for these two pitchers?
Man both the Cardinals and Tigers had better hope so!

Imagine inserting an ace caliber starting pitcher into their already surprising teams! 

OK, maybe not an ace... but doesn't it seem like everyone is looking for pitching depth? They might have it without giving up a single player.

Either way, MLB is just a more fun place with Dontrelle Willis pitching well again.

I don't think I am alone in thinking that.

Folks... this is why you pay Joe Torre the big bucks

I know a lot of Yankee fans have been critical of Joe Torre's managing abilities. 

And truth be told, his skills as an in game strategist sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. 

But I always felt his greatest strength was to keep outside problems out of the clubhouse, unite a team against distractions and keep the cart moving even as the dogs bark.

Well, let's just say he is earning every cent of his three year $13 million contract this year!

When the whole Manny thing exploded on May 7th, I said the NL West was going to get interesting and that Joe would have to work his magic.

So how have the Dodgers done since their biggest star was removed from the lineup, sending L.A. into turmoil and making the NL West wide open?

The Dodgers lost 4 of the first 5 games without Manny... and are 6-1 since.

Their 8 1/2 game lead (7 in the loss column) is more than twice as big as the next widest Division Lead.

They are winning with clutch pitching and timely hitting. And they are beating teams like the Phillies, Marlins and Mets... teams with talent.

In other words the team is focused.

And the team isn't saying "Woe is me, we lost Manny."

THAT is the value of Joe Torre.

Yes, he shouldn't have had Jeff Weaver pitch in the World Series game in 2003. But he's a Hall of Famer. I stand by that.

Even the Padres can see that as they are starting their fire sale early.

This West is all but won.