Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A-Rod hits 600... and the fans go wild

I wonder how many fans cheering for A-Rod as he entered the 600 home run club were booing Barry Bonds and saying how awful his chase of Hank Aaron was for baseball.

I wonder how many of them thought Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco is a bum.

I am guessing there is some overlap.

And basically it goes to show what I've always felt... when it comes to steroids and PEDs we only care when ANOTHER player is doing it.

I wrote the other year how the "Mannywood" section in Dodger Stadium used to be filled with people taunting Barry Bonds' interesting bulkiness.

Red Sox fans still stand for Big Papi.

McGwire still gets applause in St. Louis.

Sosa is personal non grata in Wrigley, but that's because he quit on the team.

Soak it up A-Rod. You've joined the 600 homer club. Oh there will be hand wringing when it comes to your Hall of Fame vote (it will be interesting to see how Sammy Sosa does with the voters) but he happy you did it at home.

The fans love a winner... no questions asked.

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  1. I agree, Just think what it will be like when we take our Kids, or grandkids to Cooperstown and they know all the records of Bond, A-Rod, McGuire, other an also Clemens.
    They will walk into the Hall and can't wait to see all those big names and then have to ask,

    "Daddy, Why can't I find Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens and all these other guys I have in my book here? I thought this was a place for all the best players?"

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