Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Stay focused Pirates...

OK Pirates, we all know you guys have sucked since 1992.
And by sucked I mean posting a losing record for each of the last 18 seasons.
By sucked I mean 9 last places finishes over the last 18 seasons.
By sucked I mean 6 straight 94+ loss seasons including last year's 105 loss fiasco.

We all know that.
And only a lunatic would have picked the Pirates to win the NL Central. (Did anyone have them with a winning season?)

And here we are in May and already the Pirates are sub .500.

But wait!
The are only 2 games out of first place. And the two favorites for the division, the Reds and the Brewers, are not exactly tearing it up.

Let's say the Pirates win their next two games against San Diego (possible.)
And the Cardinals lose the next two games against the surging Marlins (possible.)

Then the Pirates would be above .500 and tied for first place in May.
Is that so hard?

And then play .500 ball the rest of the way... and get the whole "They haven't have a winning season since Francisco Cabrera" storyline off of their backs.

Is that so hard?

Stay focused.
I'm not asking you to be the 1927 Yankees (who beat the Pirates in the World Series.)
Just be above SUCK.
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  1. Brian from Pittsburgh6:39 PM

    Please stop! They always lose after you post about them! Let us fly under the radar a bit more before you put to much pressure on them and they lose! They are in the bottom third in most stat categories. They can't keep this up. I've suffered for 18 years, just let me see a average record team for another month before you curse them anymore!

    love the site!

  2. Brian from Pittsburgh6:00 AM