Friday, July 06, 2012

Does ANYONE care about the Red Sox/Yankees series?

Remember when Red Sox vs. Yankees felt like a big deal? Actually it did last year when it looked like until the last pitch of the season that they were both playoff teams.

From 1999 to 2009, each game was so memorable. So many remarkable back and forth, walk off dramatic games. The Red Sox won a bunch in the Bronx. The Yankees broke our hearts in Fenway.

Two straight ALCS match ups that went seven games. It was the greatest baseball I ever saw in many ways.

This year?
Not so much.

The Red Sox are slogging through a season where they win a bunch and lose a bunch and seem dysfunctional and frankly aren't really contending.

And look at this team.
Ortiz is still there. So is Beckett.

But Pedroia is hurt. So is Ellsbury. There is no Youkilis, Varitek nor Wakefield. No Papelbon, Schilling nor Manny.

The Yankees are clearly superior and are eight games in front of the Red Sox in the loss column.
Does any Red Sox fan REALLY think that they are going to make up those eight games?

Oh I'll follow the game and I'll root for the Red Sox.

But you know a season is going poorly when the Red Sox face the Yankees just before the All Star Break and I am actually more interested in the Giants and Pirates series in Pittsburgh.

Go Sox.
(Just lower your expectations, fans.)

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  1. ESPN, Yankees, and Red Sox fans care.

  2. There really is not that muck buzz about this series in New York either.