Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Guess who picked the Dodgers and Pirates?

All the baseball games on July 4th are over. Take a look at the standings and the Dodgers and the Pirates are each all alone on top of their Division.

The Dodgers survived a grotesque shutout streak to regain the Division Lead against San Francisco.

The Pirates have been able to score runs almost at will as they shot past the Reds this afternoon and are on top of the Central.

Who could have seen this coming?


Here's my post from March 31 where I explained why I thought the Dodgers were going to win the National League West.

And here is my March 30 entry explaining why I picked the Pirates to win the NL Central.

And all of my picks for the 2012 season.

Usually my picks suck. But I stuck my neck out and lookee here, I just might be right.

(I also picked the Marlins to win the World Series... could still happen.)

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