Monday, July 23, 2012

Here lies the 2012 Boston Red Sox.

I am sitting a hotel room tonight watching the Red Sox and Rangers game on ESPN.
Tim Kurkjian was just talking about how the Red Sox are looking for a starting pitcher for the stretch run.

Great. And when they get that starting pitcher, can they get four more?

The Red Sox are not going to win this game. (As I am typing this, they are down 9-1.)
Their season is over.
I said they were no longer contenders back in April.

But tonight is the final straw.
Don't talk to me about how close they are to a Wild Card spot.
Do not bring up schedule or head to head match ups.
Stop looking at who is coming off of the disabled list.

It is late July and this is a sub .500 team.
Felix Doubront is the team's best pitcher. No offense, Felix, but that is a problem. And Felix got hammered tonight.

Jon Lester has an ERA of 5.46. Clay Buchholz has an ERA of 5.19. Each has pitched over 100 innings.

They are not going to catch the Angels, White Sox. Rays nor the A's.

Playing the Rangers on the road tonight, Karl Ravech, Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone kept talking about how little energy was coming from the Red Sox dugout when they briefly had the lead tonight.

They know they are a dead team playing out the string.

It's over, Red Sox fans.
Bow your head and say a prayer for the departed.

There will be life again in 2013.

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