Saturday, July 07, 2012

Does Pedro Ciriaco know who Pedro Ciriaco is?

Raise your hand if your heard of Pedro Ciriaco before the Red Sox win over the Yankees tonight.
OK, if your hand is up, you are either a member of the Ciriaco family or a damn liar.

But there is something cool about that.
The Red Sox, so bloated with expensive players and feuding veterans, need an anonymous infielder to finally beat the Yankees this year.

They evidently couldn't find a helmet that fit him.

I like this direction for the Red Sox.
Win with players we never heard of!
It beats losing with players we are sick of!
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  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I remember him from spring training cuz everyone was pissed he didn't make the team he had a monster spring

  2. Ok, so I admit I had never heard of this player; I did however watch him last night, ask my wife, after his defensive range at SS was noticed we started talking about this the end of the game I was thinking, thank God we have more to talk about than Bryce Harper these days!, This kid is sic-nasty!