Saturday, July 28, 2012

What could possibly get me excited about the Red Sox-Yankees series?

I am at a total loss for what could get me pumped up for the Red Sox playing in the Bronx for a late July weekend series.

These are usually the highlight games of the year. The Red Sox and Yankees squaring off, post season positioning on the line. At the end of the year when they are bunched together, one side can look back and say "Man, if we won that close game in July we'd have another game to work with in the standings."

Remember Jeter dove into the stands and the Varitek - ARod brawl and Bill Meuller's home run all took place in July.

What a difference eight years makes.

The Yankees are a superior team in every aspect of the game.
Seriously, with Ortiz injured, name one position where the Red Sox are clearly better than the Yankees right now.

Good luck with that.
The Red Sox are dead in the water.

If any veteran has as much as a bad hair day, they should be shut down and a kid from Pawtucket should be brought up.

Now if Jon Lester throws a no hitter today or Pedroia hits for the cycle or Adrian Gonzalez hits four homers, then I would that is cool.

If the Yankee bullpen blows a lead, I would laugh.
But there is no long term excitement for this game. This is a good team playing a bad team.

The greatest rivalry in sports?
Well, it is taking a hiatus for a while.

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