Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Those Giants sure PLAYED like All Stars

Remember how people were complaining about how the Giants had a pair of undeserving starters in the All Star Game?

Remember the criticism of the All Star selections and that Giant fans basically stuffed the ballot boxes?

And of course picking Matt Cain over R. A. Dickey was the baseball equivalent of kicking a stray dog for Met fans.

Well for all of the negative thoughts about the inclusion of many thoughts, they certainly showed their worth on the field.

Who got the hit that took the wind out of the American League's sails?

That would be Pablo Sandoval and his three run triple in the first off of Justin Verlander.

If you talked to a Met fan since the All Star voting results were announced, you would assume that Sandoval is famous only for his cute  nickname.

It turns out this Kung Fu panda has some skills.

Who got the win? That would be Cain with two shutout innings?

Yet neither won the MVP of the game. That would be Melky Cabrera, whose homer put the game out

Maybe Giant fans are smarter voters than we thought.

Either way, the 2012 All Star game was not to exciting, but it was a pretty amazing showcase for the Giants stars.

Their players are All Star worthy.

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  1. Giants are a better team then the Mets, simple enough. I was rooting for Dickey to screw up and I think Wright didn't even play...?