Monday, July 30, 2012

Pedro Ciriaco made the Red Sox and Yankees fun again

I had virtually no interest in this Red Sox and Yankees series that just ended.
The Red Sox are a dead from the neck up mediocre team going nowhere this year. The Yankees were on a roll, stampeding to another division title.

Why would I want to watch the Red Sox get their brains beaten in? After Friday night's 10-3 whuppin' by the Yankees, my fears were verified.

Watching the games was going to be a joyless and lumbering exercise of masochism.The team had no life in them.

Or maybe not.

Maybe they will get some new life in them. Maybe the rivalry needed Pedro Ciriaco.

Show of hands. When the Yankees tied Saturday's game in the 8th and then last night's game in the 8th, how many of you thought the Red Sox had a chance of winning?

I am assuming no hands are going up right now.

When the Red Sox found a way to ground into 20 double plays in one game (look it up), did you think they had a game winning rally in them?

With all the big priced players on the field and veterans of post seasons and World Series struggling, it was the most anonymous player, the skinniest Red Sox with the highest number that got the big hits.

He got the 9th inning game winning triple (aided by Curtis Granderson's interesting navigation of centerfield) on Saturday and the bloop go ahead single in the 10th of last night.

Anytime the Red Sox can beat the Yankees bullpen in back to back nights is a good thing. But there is something unexpectedly sweet about Ciriaco being the hero.

It is a strange message to both the Red Sox and Yankee fan bases.
Sure the rivalry does not have much to it this year. The Red Sox aren't winning squat and the Yankees should start printing playoff tickets.

But there are some young players on the Red Sox. Beware. They are getting their experience and when this becomes a rivalry again, some of these young players will be there.
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  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    He's not like a prospect he's been a AAAA player for awhile